Vol 1 Issue 3 (JULY)

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Agriculture and Policy Making; The Necessity and Prospects of Modern Agriculture in the Century of Globalization Dilemma

Hassan Danaee Fard, Ali Asghar Fani, Ali Reza Hassan zadeh

Critical Analysis of the Implications of New Managemerialism on Ethical, Democratic and Professional Values in Public Service

José G. Vargas-Hernández

A study on the relationship between transformational leadership with employees’ citizenship behavior in Islamic Azad University at Maragheh

Hossein Abdoli, Ali Reza Hossein Pour Sonboli

Developing an Effective Organizational Culture on Organizational Entrepreneurship in Tabriz University of Medical Science

Nayyer Eskandari, Khosrow Sadr Haghighi

Efficacy of Career Counseling on Professional Adaptability and Exhaustion in Employees of the North Western Branch of the Central Bank of Iran

Mahmud Moazzen Ferdows, Bijan Elmi

Assessment challenges Tabriz Petrochemical Company, in the transition from state to private sector and their impact on Marketing and sales

Soheila Salem Milani- Ali Ghorbani

A Study on the Relationship between Abusive Supervision of Social Loafing on Staff of Telecommunication Company of Iran

Peyman Feyzi

A Holistic View on the Pathology of Public Policy in Iran

Ebrahim Hajipour- Lotfollah Foruzande

Designing a model for promoting policy making capacity in Iranian public administration: a mixed method design

Asghar Mohammadi Fateh- Lotfollah Foruzande

Impact of The Human Resource Departmnent‘s Career Development Strategy to Companies Competitive Power; Azerbaijan Case Study

Fariz Ahmadov- Aygun Abdulova

The Impact of Information Technology on Corporate Communications Department of the Department of Education in District 3 of Tabriz

Majid Vahedi- Sane Alikhanlou- Diba Raeeisi

Adapting the state support measures of techno park structures in Russia to the challenges of modernity

Oksana Akhmetzianova- Elena A. Lyashenko

Analyzing the Position of Creativity via Denison’s Model for Organization for the Nurses in Amir al-Momenin and Shahid Beheshti Hospitals

Azam Kazemi- Ali Reza Azimi

A Literature Review on the Implications of Moral Intelligence and Educational Effectiveness in the Area of Educational Management; Are They Interrelated?

Hassan Najafi Asl

The Relationship between Professional Performance of Teachers with Information Technology and Communication in Public Vocational Schools in the First Region of Tabriz Department of Education

Diba Raeisi- Sane Alikhanlou

The effects of Employees’ Integrity, Responsibility, Compassion and Forgiveness on Corporate Social Responsibility in Iranian Private Sector in East and West of Azerbaijan in Iran

Farzad Haji Zadeh

The Relationship between Job Promotion of Clerks and Improving Performance in Branches of Melli Bank in Bonab

Mahmood Poor-Sadegh

Barriers of Implementing Target-Oriented Costing in Hospital of Tabriz

Ali Hassan Zad Aghdam

Study on the Effects of the Resources for Fixing Budget Deficit on the Rate of Inflation in Iran in the Years 2001 to 2004

Ali Akbar Farajzade

Designing and Exploring the Model of Organizational Learning among the Staff of NIPC in Iran

Esmaeil Omranzadeh, Mohammad Khoshchehreh, Abbas Monavarian, Hosein Alaei

Change Management in Telecommunication Departments: A Case Study in East Azerbaijan Telecommunication Company 

Peyman Feizi